“La Lanterna” is a typical Tuscan Tavern. This Place belongs to our family since 1907. Since its beginnings as a small shop and as a tavern later, we have always tried to convey the passion for Tuscan Cuisine by offering typical and quality products that best represent it. Our snack time offered traditional poor cuisine foods such as Ribollita, Salumi, Cheese and Pods, Pappa al Pomodoro and Slugs.

Trattoria e Ristorante Cucina Toscana a Pulica, Montelupo - La Lanterna
Trattoria e Ristorante Cucina Toscana a Pulica, Montelupo - La Lanterna

When then, in 1967 Agostino Pieraccioli and the novice wife Amabile Gasperi decided to transform the small shop into a tavern, the great snack time became real moments to find themselves around the same table in a homemade atmosphere. Our cuisine began to grow, ranging from starters (with cold cuts by our production) to first courses with classic game sauces, not to mention the meat cooked directly in the wood-burning fireplace (oaks, vines and olives) such as the Steak, the chicken brick, the rabbit, the pigeon, but also the duck, hare or wild boar cooked on pot.

Agostino dedicated a small piece of land to the production of Wine and Oil and the Pieraccioli Agricultural Company was born, which still allows us to offer customers authentic products, the fruit of great passion and total dedication to our trade. We are still trying to continue the Great Tuscan Tradition through the recipes of our grandparents and parents, but also taking advantage of new techniques and new products that the culinary world makes available, without ever abandoning or neglecting our roots.