Once upon a time, in the 1907, Gosto Pieraccioli, also known as “Vangelo”, decided to buy a little store above Pulica’s hill. This is where our history starts.

In the classic country contract, women ran the store, that was called
“Botteghina” while men did, as the used to say, the “Tricconi”, or rather they managed the provigions: vegetable from the Firenze’s plain, poultry and courtyard animal from the chianti’s hills, wine and oil from the neighborhood’s farm.

In 1967 one of Vangelo’s grandchildren, Agostino Pieraccioli, married Amabile Gasperi from Trento. They decided to transform the store into a tavern, “La Lanterna”, because of the old lamps that in those days illuminated the room. This idea had a huge success and the people of the district flocked ever more numerous to taste the “Grandi Merende” with ham, cheese, ribollita, pods etc…

But one day, a customer asked for roast chicken… and here it is today “La Lanterna” has become the tuscan tavern par excellence. We try to keep the tradition of true Tuscan cuisine using quality products, km0 and of season. Cold cuts, wine and oil are of our production.


The great tradition and the goodness of Tuscan dishes is intertwined with the history of a restaurant in the area for over a hundred years


We offer a selection of wines and cured meats of our production resulting from a research closely linked to our territory


Our wine cellar is stocked with red and white wines from the best labels that accompany the tasty Tuscan dishes


Via di Pulica, 132 – Loc. La Villa
50056 – Montelupo F.NO (FI)
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